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Jiuzhou Technician College Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Training Base Listing Ceremony Held

Release time:2018-04-13

Pang Zhigang, Chairman of the Education Company's Chairman and Technician College, and Liang xiaojun ,Chairman of Shenzhen FEREX are signing the school-enterprise cooperation high-skilled personnel training agreement and award the license.

In his speech, Pang Zhigang introduced the basic conditions of the Jiuzhou Technician College and the characteristics of high-skilled personnel training.Share the remarkable achievements of the college in 2017.He said that the establishment of a school-enterprise cooperation relationship with FEREX is a beneficial practice for achieving integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation.The college will do its utmost to cultivate and deliver the necessary high-skilled talents for the company through job placement and on-the-job internships.

Pang Zhigang hopes that on the one hand, school-enterprise cooperation continues to be deepened in terms of training methods, curriculum development systems, and faculty development.On the other hand, increase school-enterprise exchanges,promote corporate culture into the campus and classroom into the company.The first is the introduction of advanced management experience and service,applied to the reform of college education teaching management,improve the service level of the college administrators,Strengthen staff awareness and ability to serve students,the second is for top job placement and employment placement,move the classroom to the company,encourage students to engage with real work situations in the company,while continuing to learn professional knowledge and skills under the guidance of corporate masters and college teachers,achieve professional and job matching, docking of course content and professional standards, teaching process and production process docking, vocational education and lifelong learning docking.

Liang Xiaojun said in his speech that Jiuzhou Technician College has established a practice base at FEREX,it is the concern of the group company for production, research, and application internships,it is also the support of the Jiuzhou Technician Institute for the talent pool and talent team building of industrial companies.Establishing a bridge and platform for communication between industrial companies and colleges,carry out studies to use, people-oriented education, employment,strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises and realize the long-term success of Jiuzhou Foundation,this has important practical significance for creating the Jiuzhou brand and improving the technological content of Jiuzhou products.

Liang Xiaojun said that the company will provide all kinds of convenience and services for intern students.food and lodging are guaranteed, internships are summarized, and behaviors are evaluated,we will work together to create a talent cultivation and cultivation base so that people can do their best and jointly contribute to the development of Jiuzhou.

       FEREX Deputy General Manager Li Xianhui,Deputy General Manager Zhao Yongmin,Deputy Chief Designer He Hai,Deputy General Manager Hu Wei,Deputy General Manager Feng Sheng, Assistant General Manager Zhai Zhichun, Director of Personnel Administration Li Gang,Assistant to General Manager of Education Company and Vice President of Technical College participated the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Pang Zhigang visited the production line of  FEREX and cordially visited the excellent graduates of the Jiuzhou Technician Institute for the training of enterprises.

FEREX is the core enterprise of EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) under the Jiuzhou Group. Founded in 1984, it upholds the concept of quality first and customer first. Now it has become one of the top import and export enterprises and top 100 foreign trade enterprises in Shenzhen.

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